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I am happy to have you join me here on Signature Writing Styles. Here you will find various pages that will provide insight into the work that I do.

You will find:

As you will notice the blog posts are based on the theme ‘Celebrating Existence’ and the name was chosen based on the fact that often times I believe it is our weakness as human beings to overlook the things we ought to be thankful for. In light of this the blog posts will do exactly what the name suggests- Celebrate Existence in every sense! Happy reading! Let’s celebrate existence together!!!

On the Portfolio Page you will find links to articles I have written, links to my books and designs I have created usingĀ  my own words (my quotes). Over time you will see more and more being added.

The Author Page is specifically for information on books I have written as well as book promos and links to my Author Profile. Here you will have the latest news on my writing and my publications.

On the Contact Page you will find information on how you can reach me. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Rest assured that they will be answered!



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