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Celebrating Love, Laughter and Life!

Hi all, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read! I am happy to have you here as I celebrate Love, Laughter and Life!Maybe  you had a tough day but I’m sure there is something you have to celebrate. Maybe you got some bad news you weren’t expecting.

I’ve got a quick question though that will make you stop and think and surely leave you smiling at least once you think about it: When last did you laugh so loudly or so much that you couldn’t stop and it didn’t matter who wasn’t around?

It felt great right and it was probably one of the most natural stress free moments you will never forget!

Either way, let’s celebrate what we are here to celebrate…LOVE, LAUGHTER, LIFE!

What exactly do we need to celebrate? Let’s see:

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Celebrating Mother’s Day 2015!

index Today we joined with millions to celebrate Mother’s Day the world over! Today I recognize and salute my Mom and ALL other Mothers. When we think of Mothers we think of our Mothers and rightfully also, we think of the Universal Mother and Divine Mother- all of whom are nurturing, caring, loving, kind and an epitome of virtue. This is what a Mother is! I was happy to see my Mom as I am sure many of you were too! My mom is Mrs Doris Thomas and I love her very much. Like you who still have your Mom around would have done  I make the most of every opportunity to tell her I love her and to show her how much I love her! Hearing her voice, seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, making her laugh or just being in her presence is more than enough. You might here the same about Dad, but it’s no ‘mamagism’ Trini style, I’m close to both my parents. Please accept this simple token from me:

A token from me to you Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers-those reading this, those who are Moms and those who have their Moms!

So much is going through my head as I type this but with so much going on I will focus on a few things in particular. I have been not lucky but blessed to have both my Mom and Dad. Throughout my life I have learnt so much from my Mummy and Daddy and nothing I have learnt in any class could be seen as being remotely close to what they have taught me. It may sound ironic coming from a teacher but it’s the total truth with no pun intended and though I’m older now, I still learn from Mom and Dad and they have always pushed me to be the best I can be! Mom is Mom yes but before she became Mom and Mummy, she was a firstly a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter and great granddaughter and then aunt, wife and sister-in-law. Today she is a grandma and mother-in-law.

My mom is an incredible woman who complements my Dad who is an incredible  man and both are in my estimation, a blessing to us all! What they have given me is what I can never say “Thank you!” enough for! I don’t wanna get too mushy on everyone but maybe this can sum it up:

Happy for an opportunity to do Aarti for my Mom and Dad!
Happy for an opportunity to do Aarti for my Mom and Dad!
“Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava” Meaning: Mother and father are the primary Gods
Thank you for everything Mummy!

I hope all Moms enjoy what’s left of the day and leave this fun video for you to have a look at: To my Mom,