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Celebrating Success: COSTAATT Graduation 2015!

Today I Celebrate Success: COSTAATT Graduation 2015!

Do you remember this song? This is how the ceremony started and it truly was a perfect start!

It did not dawn on me until I sat in the Regency Ballroom of the Hyatt that the theme blends in so perfectly with my blog. I know it’s been a while since I have been here but it’s been a super crazy  period in these past weeks. I know the light is at the end of the tunnel.  I can see it and trust me, it’s beautiful!

I’m here now and I’m celebrating! All days are special but November 22, 2015  was different. Not only does this year mark COSTAATT’s 15th Anniversary but it is also the year with the most students graduating from this dynamic institution (1,400 plus). On  November 22, 2015 I joined with hundreds of other worthy COSTAATT students  who graduated with their degrees. I graduated with the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Journalism and Public Relations from the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communications Studies.


Every part of the ceremony was filled with excellence- COSTAATT Excellence.The decor, the positive and meaningful addresses from each of the  speakers, the powerful musical interludes and serenade as well as the responses from the audience. The truth is that at COSTAATT we have so much to celebrate that some may not see or may choose not to see and it starts from the very helm with the President Dr Gillian Paul and the Board of Trustees.  It is evident at all levels- the Executive Management, Administrative Staff of Main Campus and all other Campuses, the Chairs, Deans, Lecturers, and the Students.

I am sure we each left with more than we know of our esteemed college COSTAATT, our President Dr Paul,  the Board of Trustees, our Lecturers and COSTAATT talent.We were delighted to have as our Keynote Speaker, Dr The Honourable  Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts who served as Senior Lecturer- Chemistry  at COSTAATT from 2009.

Her very powerful speech focused on the importance  of the words”I AM”- As Dr The Honourable  Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts said, “I AM are powerful words…I AM a transformer of lives, I AM the hope for a better country…” and indeed they need to be used wisely!

On this most memorable day too the College Song which was written and composed by  Ms Glenda Charles-Harris, Department Chair-Environmental Studies (our prayers are with her and her family members for her safe return) was sung. We were privileged to be among the first to hear the College Song sung and the Staff members and Students of COSTAATT really did it justice in the true COSTAATT Spirit.

Then a few months ago while I was in the process of compiling a Media Contact list for my internship I approached someone in the Industry and when I identified myself as a COSTAATT Student, I was asked in a tone I did not appreciate, I was asked, “Why didn’t you go to UWI like my son, instead of COSTAATT?”

I smiled and I responded. I told her, “I have always been happy to be a student of COSTAATT. We work hard for our grades and it is because of what I have been learning at COSTAATT that I have been able to establish myself as a writer working for clients internationally.  It is also why I have been able to get the experience I have acquired.” This experience includes Press Release Writing, Content Writing, Article Writing, Blog Writing and “About Us” pieces for websites.

Years ago when I knew that a career switch would be in the making I started calling around to find out about Degree Options which would complement the BA English I earned from the University of London. I did not know much about COSTAATT at that time (some years ago) and thankfully the institution that told me I should go to COSTAATT, and then apply to them set me on a journey I would not deviate from. They did not realize they led me on a different path of realization and discovery I would see through to the very end, confident in my choice. At COSTAATT I feel at home and I know my decision has been the right one.

I remember my entrance into COSTAATT and it started with Gabrielle Alfonso in COSTAATT’s Admissions Department. She was the first person I spoke to at COSTAATT regarding starting my BA Mass Communication Studies there. From there on it was a journey I have never regretted being on!

Here are some pics from Graduation Day:

12243292_10207761608460338_2934166373784875091_n (1)
Students from South Campus-all students of the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies-  ( Class of 2015 BA Mass Communication; AAS Journalism & PR): Earl Edmund, Alette Williams. Marissa Marjadsingh, Nicholas Lutchmansingh, Wavel Fraser


From left: Rachael Ann  Thomas-Jeremiah (me), Tara Ramsingh, Anniesha Alexander (front), Earl Edmund, Misha Garcia, Nicholas Lutchmansingh, Brendon Julien; Back row: Alette Williams, Marissa Marjadsingh, Wavel Fraser, Germine Carlotta Alexander Rivas, Carla Britton-Procope,

Happy to join other Students from South Campus- all Students of the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies – ( Class of 2015 BA Mass Communication;  AAS Journalism & PR)

We were delighted to be joined by Mrs Sophia Edwards-Knox, Department Chair -Communication Studies with Students of the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies


Here’s another picture my darling husband Shiva took after the Graduation Ceremony


A happy couple aren’t we…Shiva and me after the ceremony!

Congratulations to our Valedictorians:

Arnold Ramkaran- BSc Environmental Health

Rachelle Deonarine- AAS Environmental Health

Congratulations COSTAATT’s Class of 2015! I am a proud COSTAATT Student! Fellow Graduates another chapter in our journey has started! Let’s embrace it and let’s enjoy it!