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Celebrating Reading the Kindle Way!

Nothing beats sitting down with a great book and reading, won’t you say? If you can’t afford it getting it free is surely an option! 

One pertinent fact is that many think that you need an actual kindle to read books on kindle! Truth is that having a kindle is fine but once you are already an Amazon customer you can download the Kindle App to your device (e.g. mobile/ desktop/ laptop) and what’s even better is that you can search for books, purchase them and download the books you have purchased directly to your device!

Finding the kindle app is not as difficult as it may seem! One option is going to Google. Another for Android users is going to the Google Play Store! iPhone users can use the App store.

More great news is that the Kindle App is free and comes at no cost to you!

Do you also know that you can search for free kindle books? Try it and you will see that you surely can! Free books on kindle may be free but you need to act quickly if you want to get it at $0.00.

Whether you are looking for a fictional piece be it for a child or an adult there should be something to pique your interest! Also if you want books on meditation or cooking or yoga here’s what you do:

Select the store option on the app and type in what you are hoping to find! For example you can type in the search bar these options- “free meditation books” or “free recipe books” or “free yoga books” or “free children’s books”. All of these options will yield positive results. Once you see a price saying $0.00 it means it is free. It also means no charge will be added to your credit card. Like your other purchases you will receive an invoice for your purchase and you can also find the proof of your $0.00 purchase under your digital purchases!

Finding this useful video will surely help you!


This is another way that will surely pique your interest: 

One thing is for certain- this is a way of encouraging young and old alike to continue reading and it promotes leisurely reading!

Here are some books that are free exactly at this moment. If you are interested in them please purchase them now as they may not be free tomorrow.  These are just some options of free books you can buy at this time (28 November 2017) but please use the pointers above to get other reading options from various genres to pique your interest. From me to you, happy reading!


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Celebrating World Kindness Day 2017!

Happy World Kindness Day 2017

Happy World Kindness Day 2017 everyone!

What does kindness mean? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines kindness as “the quality or state of being gentle and considerate.”

My take on kindness is this: Kindness is free. It starts with one and can be spread to millions. I believe that kindness is a way of life and it is something we should always practice. It costs nothing but offer major benefits. Won’t you say?

Here is some information shared by CaCao TV . In this video the history of World Kindness Day is explained. There are 5 fast facts on World Kindness Day that I am certain can help in understanding how important this day is and why it is important. If you cannot click the video below please click on the link

Now, here are some interesting perspectives on kindness! They are all valid and each speaker offers a unique experience! The question it asks is: Are you kind? So are you? In answering yourself please be honest but I am sure that you are reading this because kindness is something you can identify with. Again I have included the link for those who are in need of it:

As we move on I am happy to let you know that I opted to choose the video below because I love the way kindness has been depicted in it.  Like the other videos I am sure there is something we can all identify with. This video is very engaging and it helps us understand how kindness helps us as well as others. As with the other videos here is the link in case you need it:

Always remember that being kind is something we should all be inspired to be! A part of treating others as you would like to be treated means improving your quality of life. This will result in a happier and a more fulfilled you!  In an effort to offer you further motivation I have opted to include this link that leads you to 25 quotes on kindness:

In closing I urge you to always be kind! This message shared by His Holiness Param Pujya Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji says it all. It provides a profound message on how to life. As His Holiness Param Pujya Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji says in one of His SGSPosts today, “Be simple, generous, kind and truthful.”


Please don’t let all these precious messages fall on deaf ears! As I always say it’s yours for the taking! Happy World Kindness Day 2017!