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Celebrating Our Book: Tasty Vegetarian Recipes

This post is dedicated to celebrating our first book, Tasty Vegetarian Recipes  which is an Easy to Follow Guide for Preparing Vegetarian Dishes is available on Amazon at



For those who don’t know it is a husband and wife team project put together by Shiva and me! It is a combination of both our expertise and it is a celebration of some of the foods we enjoy preparing, eating and sharing with others.

Here is a description of the book:

“To us food is the spice of life!
We believe that the life of a vegetarian can be as interesting and as enjoyable as you want to make it. We firmly believe that you must enjoy what you eat and you should not eat just for the sake of eating. Eating should be enjoyable and the art of preparing food should be equally as enjoyable as well. The truth is that as a vegetarian there are so many things you can eat and they are so many different foods which you can incorporate into your diet.
This book has been compiled with exactly this in mind and for all the vegetarians the world over so that they can have meals they can enjoy but also meals that can be quite nourishing. It is our sincere hope that you will be able to find recipes in our book which you can try and share with others.”

Here are the recipes we opted to include for this, our first book:

·         Mango Chow

·         Pakoras

·         Vegetarian Bar-be-que Sauce

·         Fried Mushroom Wantons

·         Salsa

·         Mushroom Tacos

·         Bean Curd Choka

·         Curried Mushrooms

·         Stir-fry Tofu

·         Tandoori StyleTofu in Bar-be-que Sauce

·         Homemade Paneer

·         Homemade Curds

·         Jasmine Rice

·         Basmati Rice

·         Coconut Bake

·         Homestyle Bread

·         Spinach Lasagna

·         Spaghetti Pie

·         Veggie Hoagie

·         Baked Vegetables with Potatoes

·         Berrylicious Smoothie

·         Strawberry Lassi

This is just the first of many books to come! Hopefully there are a  couple of things in Tasty Vegetarian Delights that you can have fun with. From us to you, Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!


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Celebrating Nature: Recyling

Hi all,

It is indeed a blessed occasion when I have the opportunity to share a post with you! This post is dedicated to Celebrating Nature and Recycling (mainly Trini Style) but it’s all about embracing nature, respecting it and protecting it!

We can all agree that protecting our environment and respecting it will help us to minimize the impact of climate change being faced throughout the world. Together, let’s do it!

Here are some sites worth checking out:

Did you know that you can help recycling plastics, glass, paper, tetra packs and lots of other things right here in Trinidad and Tobago? Just imagine if we all do our part or we all do a little, our effort can make a difference and result in less pollution and maybe less flooding and unwanted diseases! Just imagine doing a little may mean that our effort can help save a live or lives as the case may be! Let’s all do something to help!

A simple search on Google for “recycling in Trinidad and Tobago” will produce very useful information.

The iCARE Project is a project of the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). This National Project is aimed at the Collection of Recyclable Solid Waste. At present there are a minimum of 58 iCARE Collection Bins throughout the country where plastic, glass, tetrapaks and aluminium cans can be placed for recycling. To recycle these items here is what must be done:

  • Items must be collected and rinsed.
  • They must be placed in a transparent bag.

For more information on the iCARE Project please visit

For recycling paper you can contact Ace Recycling Limited. You can visit their website at   or you can contact them at (868) 290-2970.  At Ace Recycling they provide a wide range of services which can be found at .

It provides a free cardboard and paper recycling service throughout Trinidad and Tobago and after calling to schedule collection waste paper or cardboard can be collected within 48 hours.

It is to be noted that glass can also be recycled at Carib Glassworks. For more information on this please visit

In searching through recycling here in Trinidad and Tobago I found the video that I have included below. Kudos to the students of St. Stephen’s College on this initiative!

In closing allow me to share this video from October 2017:


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Celebrating January 6th!

Did you know that there is a lot of History associated with January 6th? Like all other days on the calendar which are associated with a lot of History similarly January 6th is associated with a lot of History. In this post I am opting to share some of the history regarding January 6th with you.

Before continuing however please  allow me to wish everyone who celebrates a Birthday on January 6th a very very Happy Birthday!


Photo courtesy



Photo courtesy


January 6th marks is the date marked as the Epiphany -the 12th day of the Christmas. It is a major Christian celebration around the world known as the “Feast Day” and “Three Kings Day”.  It is also the date many opt to take down their Christmas trees and it marks the conclusion of the 12 days of Christmas!

Here is some information that has been provided about the Epiphany:

In doing some research on it I came across lots of interesting things that happened on January 6th.

Here are two useful links worth checking both of which are from The Associated Press:

Here is also something that may pique the interest of others- those celebrities who were born on January 6th!

Before ending here is one more thing to add to this post. Did you know that Sherlock Holmes was born on January 6th?  Below is a picture I came across.

sherlock holmes

To confirm it you can do your own search on Google and you will see for yourself.  You can also do a search on any search engine for that matter.

Thank you for taking the time to read! In closing it is my sincere hope that you found some useful information.

Once again Happy Birthday to all those born on January 6th!

Also to everyone the world over Happy New Year 2018 once again!