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Celebrating Family!

“The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege”- Charles Kuralt

At this very moment I am Celebrating Family in an official way! Otherwise I celebrate it unofficially making the most of every waking moment with those I love!

If you didn’t know then you know now- my family is my immediate family (my dad Ranjit, my mom Doris, my sister Ria, my brother Ricky, sister-in- law, Leci, my nephew Richie Lee Thomas- members of dad’s family (Thomas, Bheem, Ramlakhan, Roopnarine, Mungal, Basdeo families and aunts, uncles, cousins-Persad, Gayah,etc of my dad), Dookie- (members of mom’s family, i.e. Dookie, Ramlogan, Bocas, Mohammed families and aunts, uncles, cousins etc of my mom- Singh’s, Jagdeo’s, Bridgelal’s, Sinanan’s, Moon and Ramlakhan),  Jeremiah’s-members of Shiva’s family, (i.e. Jeremiah, Singh, Carson, Pettersson families), friends, those who my posts reach, Coromandel Shiv Mandir family, Dattatreya family, former colleagues who keep in touch, those who are humane, those from all over the world (India, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Guyana etc who view my blog) and those who have a heart

In this post I celebrate you! Yes indeed, I celebrate each of you!

In essence I celebrate each of you as my family!

About a month or two ago, a classmate asked about my favourite childhood memory and I said it was spending time with my family and sitting down for Sunday lunch together.

I value every smile I have seen, every hug I have shared, every time I have been able to tell my loved ones, “I love you!” and show them my love for them.

Have a look at these videos. I can identify with them so much and I am sure you will be able to!

I will remain forever happy for the blessings of my family! Every time I made you smile and heard you laugh… every time I hugged you, every time I saw you, spoke to you, got to do something for you and be on the receiving end of you doing something for me!

Grandpa, grandma, Mom, Dad, my husband, my sister, my brother, my sister-in-law, my handsome nephew,etc etc I value every minute I have had with you thus far and I cherish what is yet to! Don’t waste an opportunity to celebrate family! Time waits on none of us! From me to you, all members of my family as listed at the beginning, I celebrate you- I celebrate family!