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Celebrating our Diversity!

My motto is ‘being too blessed to be fully stressed’. To be a diverse people living in our beautiful twin-island republic is even more of a blessing. As a people we are famed the world over for our diversity and this post is dedicated to celebrating our diversity. To be diverse is to be different and we are in every sense unique. We are in every sense, what Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes as a ‘melting pot’ of cultures and races who live here as one. Our ancestral origin stems from all over the world and we sing it in our anthem, written by Mr. Pat Castagne, “Here every creed and race find an equal place…” Look around- a cosmopolitan country, varying races, varying cultures, varying ethnicities, various traditions, varied music, an abundance of food types and delicacies.

As the melodious voice of Natasha Wilson echoes, “Sweet T&T, is my country, I want you to know that I love you…”

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Celebrating Nature!

How many of us celebrate nature? Stopping to take a moment to celebrate nature is a blessing in itself- look around- our beautiful country, the sun, the sky, the trees, the beaches, the animals and all other things that make up nature! Celebrating them does not hurt one bit! Here are some pictures I took! This is my way of celebrating nature! Happy browsing!

Brother Resistance’s words resonate with me for this celebration of existence. Please check it out: