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Celebrating Growth!

I’m pretty sure you are wondering what is post is about and I’m happy to tell you about it! In this post, yes, I’m celebrating growth and growth we know means getting bigger. Getting bigger we would all agree means getting larger. Note too, it is not intended to be a science lesson or a religious lesson. Far too often we get caught up in life’s stresses and lose ourselves- be it in the face of circumstance or experience. Maybe it’s a life lesson but not so much so as it’s an avenue to make your smile and help you put a pep in your step.

Let’s start by recalling the words of Daniel Powter in this video:

Here I am celebrating growth, both yours and mine, so please let me and please join me! This being said, this post is fully dedicated to celebrating growth and I am celebrating growth in many different ways:

  1. Physical Growth
  2. Mental Growth
  3. Spiritual Growth
  4. Academic Growth

If we look around we see growth all around us whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or academic in nature.

With growth all around us, there is reason to celebrate. Take for example this blog, it continues to grow with every post, every comment and every view. Take into consideration the fact that my Facebook page is available at

and there is a Twitter page at

These are all evidence of growth of Celebrating Existence.

If we think of our own lives and our own growth, it’s more than enough of a reason to celebrate, so let’s celebrate. As individuals, growth comes through age and through experience. We’re all on one part of the journey or the other as described below that leads to senescence. Why wait till the very end of that journey when we won’t even be around to celebrate it? That just doesn’t make sense, does it?

We know the stages of human growth starts from Baby-Child-Teenager/ Adolescent-Adulthood-Middle Age-Old Age (Senesence) and with a plant it starts from Seed-Cotyledon-Seedling-Young Plant. Our plants and animals lend to the beauty around us and the diversity.

If we were to come back to our own growth surely this discussion will be hugely expanded. Check back through all your years and surely its evident but a lot has happened-good, bad and ugly. My own life has changed in so many ways and I am quite sure yours would have changed in several ways.

I went from baby to toddler to child to adolescent to young woman. I went from daughter, granddaughter, niece and cousin to sister and friend to student and then teacher and my portfolio has expanded now to aunt, wife, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. Yours would have pretty much been the same and the terminology would have changed if you are male. How has yours changed? Similarly and in many ways right! Celebrate it and celebrate the journey from where you started to where you are today! Whether it’s a happy dance or saying “I did it!” will suffice.

Throughout the way you would have had a myriad of experiences and proof that you are here and reading this is proof that you survived the hard times and challenges along your way. They never end and once there is life and laughter, there is also death and sorrow. You have grown and you will continue to grow. The aim is not to sound like a broken record but celebrate your growth and achievements and revel in them! Some things to help you:

  1. Live without regrets. Do what you can today!
  2. Don’t let others get you down. Remember no one else is standing in your shoes!
  3. Find a positive out of every negative (something Dad taught me from an early age)
  4. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder.
  5. Don’t lose yourself in any situation. Always be you and be proud to be you!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you!

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