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Celebrating Daily Living: What does it mean to get through a day?

What does it mean to get through a day? I am sure it’s a question many ask but only few can answer. It is with a heavy heart I am posting this but celebrating the fact that at this moment I am safe and sound and celebrating the fact that when you read, more than likely you are also.

Do we just say thank you when we get something we want?

Do we go to God when we need something only?

I’m sure that though your answer is “No” not many can say the same.

Look at what is going on in the world today! Look at what is going on in our country! It’s scary to look at the news and often times we need to celebrate the stark realities it presents because we get knowledge of them.


If we think about how many people did not make it through today we would understand how fortunate we have been. If we think of how many people are ailing we would understand how insignificant our own pain is. If we think about how many may been in need of help and just cannot say it we would understand how important our speech is.

Your one smile can light up someone’s world. Your one kind word can make the world of difference. We can never tell what someone else is going through unless we stand in their shoes.

Today I learnt of one good soul I knew who passed away. I have known him all my life and I would always remember his smile, his energy and passion for life and family. God has released him from his pain. He was loved by many including me! I pray that my dear cousin’s soul would rest in peace! He is gone now but will never be forgotten!