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Celebrating Good Corporate Citizens!

This may sound like a strange title, but the story ahead is one you will enjoy. I value this opportunity to celebrate good corporate citizens and I am happy though later than I planned due to several reasons, I am able to stand by my word and keep my promise.

Sometimes we encounter people who do not care and do not want to find out what we even have to say. Then we are fortunate to encounter those who care, those who want to listen to what we have to say and those who are willing to help.These are the people I wish to acknowledge and recognize.

Hardly ever do we hear of good things or are the good things recognized and acknowledged. I believe in recognizing,acknowledging and saying thank you. It is something that goes hand in hand with something my dad taught me- always look for something positive out of every negative experience.

Those who may be aware would know I am still studying and last semester I was asked to sort a full advertising campaign with an IMC programme. I knew that in order to do this I needed current information and information applicable to a Trinidad and Tobago audience so I opted to find some people in the industry who do the things I needed information for. It was not as easy as it sounds but the assistance of those who opted to help by letting me know how the industry operates and their particular product which I needed made it much easier for me.Indeed it was a mammoth task I did alone and along the way I met some good corporate citizens who were happy to explain things I needed to create the campaign I was working on.

As one who believes in recognizing good people and good work I knew I would not pass up on an opportunity like this and as such wish to thank them publicly.


  1. Mr. Christopher Samuel of A. Gomez Burke and Company of El Socorro San Juan
  2. Ms. Greta Caines, Brand Manager of 95.1 The Best Mix
  3. Ms. Shelly Ann Patrick of FLOW (Columbus Communications)
  4. The Administrative Staff of Pronto Print Ltd in San Fernando

thank you very much for your kind assistance and  the time you took to provide information. May you and the organizations continue to prosper.


Enjoy this short video:

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Good Corporate Citizens!

  1. I remember my parents buying a calligraphy set for me in secondary school I would never forget them for that because they saw that I had a Passion for calligraphy
    Over the years I lost the set and my passion for the art but the memories will remain forever
    Great blog as always keep up the good work and keep being that hope of inspiration


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