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Celebrating Love: My Grandparents & the bond they shared!

Celebrating Love: My Grandparents & the bond they share!

This picture is one I took on October 3rd 2010. I was so happy to take this of my grandparents. My grandpa was happily sitting with my grandma.
Ramlal and Jassodra Celia Dookie They were married on June 15, 1958. This picture was taken on October 3, 2010

Mr Ramlal Dookie  of Coromandel Village Cedros was married to Jassodra Celia Ramlakhan of Rochard Douglas Road Barrackpore on June 15, 1958. IMG-20150321-WA0001 In their marriage of 56 years they had seven (7) children- 6 girls and 1 boy- Doris, Dora, Dolcie, Devi, Jaggs, Bena and Rajdaye,  and over the years became the mother-in-law and father-in-law of Ranjit, Winston, Fyzal, Sharaz, Hosein, Rosemary and Rajesh. With 15 grandchildren -Rishi, Savita, me, Adesh,Ria, Ricky, Sarah, Imran, Candice, Premnauth, Susan, Joseph, Josiah, Vincent and Leah, they became great grandparents of 4. Their journey together has been a long one and they not only got through the years together, but they understood each other and they loved each other. The time they spent together and the bond they share is something many only dream of! Some things in particular are that they took care of each other, they had a good relationship and for them it really was teamwork over the years. In 2013 they were blessed to sit for puja together and gave thanks for life and their years together. It was a true celebration in that it was a celebration of my grandpa’s birthday and their 55 years of marriage.

My dedication to my grandparents- Ed Sheeran's song that describes their relationship and echoes so much!
My dedication to my grandparents- Ed Sheeran’s song that describes their relationship and echoes so much!

Many may be able to recall that years ago they would be seen either going to or returning from Bowen Trace. It was their everyday routine. Each day grandpa was in the hospital he looked forward to seeing grandma and would constantly ask for her until she arrived. When he saw her it was just the way he would hold her hand and his smile said everything. He wanted her by his side and when she was there she continued to do what she could to take care of him. Her smile showed so much and her actions too. Definitely a lot one can learn from their relationship! Definitely proof  that relationships are learning about each other, accepting each other for who you are, working things out together, the value of compromise, spending quality time together, trusting, caring, loving and so much more. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

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