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Celebrating Cedros Montessori School!

They are all winners. This is how the Principal of the Cedros Montessori School, Monica Soorjan described her students.

The school’s  first Annual School Sports was followed by an Easter Bonnet Parade- this was the order of events for the pre-school students of the Cedros Montessori School in the past week.

On Thursday last- the day for the Annual Easter Bonnet Parade- they made the usual walk undertaken by the school to the Jetty (called the “Old Jetty” by residents) and back to their school.

These preschoolers were all well-dressed! The girls looked beautiful and the boys were dashing! The baskets, the flowers, the hats, the Easter eggs, the bunnies and the excitement they showed made the event truly memorable and it was evident that their parents invested a lot of time!

Beautiful girls of the Cedros Montessori School!
Handsome boys of the Cedros Montessori School!

They were accompanied by Soorjan who they all refer to as Miss Monica, their 3 teachers and some of the proud parents!

Before the Parade!
Some of the students!

Mere days earlier (on Sunday) they participated in the  first Annual Sports Day hosted by their Principal and their teachers.

All parents provided tremendous support and participation here as well to make the event a resounding success. In addition to this, other family members were on hand to urge them on and make their very first school sports a day they might always remember.

Seeing them ready for the march past and marching with smiles on their faces was wonderful. They marched and they marched well in spite of the sun. Then they took part in the events that followed. It really was a sight to behold and it was filled with lots of excitement.

Team Sapphire, Team Aquamarine, Team Ruby (all teams)
My reason for being at this Sports Day- my darling nephew Richie-Lee Thomas

Most certainly we can learn a lot from these preschoolers. Through their parents and the school as an institution (principal and teachers) it is evident that there is discipline, respect, team work, sportsmanship, friendship and that learning is also taking place.

Hats off to these darling angels and all those who are a part of their learning, together with those who are nurturing their growth and development! It is definitely a reason to celebrate!

The adults also had an opportunity to enjoy events of their own. They had Zumba and Tug-O-War. Those that participated in Zumba thoroughly enjoyed it! It was evident that it in tug-o-war they joined in, they stuck together and they also had fun!

It is a fervent reminder of Nappy Mayers, “Bring Back the Old Time Days”.

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Celebrating Existence: Remembering my grandfather- The late Mr. Ramlal Dookie

Today makes it one year since my dear grandfather passed away.  We, his grandchildren, called him Baba!

A token of our love from all family members of the late Ramlal Dookie

We miss him but we know his pain and suffering are over. Our love for him and the love he showed us is something we will never forget. He is gone but will never be forgotten.

Have a look at this video and listen to this bhajan by His Holiness Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji:

message on life
So very true!

Here are two pictures I am happy to share:

nanny and baba1
This is a picture taken a few months before Baba got more sick and ended up in the hospital. Nanny and Baba had puja and Nanny placed a mala around Baba’s neck and did Aarti for him- October 14, 2014
my grandparents
My grandparents (Baba- The late Mr Ramlal Dookie and Nanny- Jassodra Celia Dookie) after Puja on 14 October 2014.

I have been thinking of all the things I wanted to share with Baba in this past year- my graduation, my internship, our fishes, our plants etc! He has given us so much memories and now his pain and suffering are no more. That is our comfort and the fact that we have each other!

I called him as often as I could and before marriage he would ask about everyone at home  and after marriage he would always ask, “How the boss?” referring to Shiva. I enjoyed those times when I was able to sing Happy Birthday to him and when I was able to talk to him and spend time with him.

I would always value the time I was able to spend with Baba in his last days at the hospital. Even then we were being taught valuable lessons-every single one of us who was there!

Knowing that when there is birth there is death is a reality we have always been taught but what matters is that we have made the most of the time we had Baba and all our other loved ones in our lives and we keep doing that for all those who are still with us. bhagavadgita
Guidance from the Holy Scriptures is our comfort!

We were fortunate to have Baba, our grandpa, around for the time he was here. He was able to see us all grow up- children and grandchildren. He  was also able to see some of his great grandchildren and each of us has similar memories but also different memories. Either way there are lots of memories for each of us to remember!
Baba was always a great Devotee. He was always prayerful and continued chanting the name of God in his last moments!

This is a post I wrote  last year to celebrate Baba’s life:

This one captures our gratitude to Level 16 Ward 12 Suite 5 of the San Fernando Teaching Hospital for the high level of care and attention they gave to him.

Maybe you might also remember this next post!  It captures the relationship my grandparents shared. On the day Baba passed away I had a presentation to do for one of my courses, Critical Analysis of Media and TV Coverage with Mr Roddy Batchasingh at COSTAATT. Baba had passed away in the morning and I had class in the evening. My presentation was dedicated to the bond my grandparents shared and my song of choice was “Thinking out Loud”  by Ed Sheeran.

Here is the link to that post:

Gone but not forgotten: The late  Ramlal Dookie: November 14, 1933- March 19, 2015

Father of seven (7) children born to Jassodra Celia Dookie- 6 girls and 1 boy- Doris, Dora, Dolcie, Devi, Jaggs, Bena and Rajdaye, my grandma is the mother-in-law of and my grandpa was the father-in-law of Ranjit, Winston, Fyzal, Sharaz, Hosein, Rosemary and Rajesh.

He was the Brother-in-law of Mynee, Bissondaye (Betty), Bharose, Doodnath, Sita,Vinda and the late Sookraj Ramlakhan (my grandma’s siblings). Grandfather of 15 (Rishi, Savita, me, Adesh, Ria, Ricky, Sarah, Imran, Candice, Premnauth, Susan, Joseph, Josiah, Vincent and Leah), he was also a great grandfather of 5, uncle of Dilip among many others and he was a friend of many.

Apart from loving his family, anyone could associate him with riding his bicycle which he did for many years and with fishing with his seine which he enjoyed a lot.

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Celebrating being at the Datta Shiva Ram Temple!


We all know the saying that nothing happens before its time and it holds true for this experience. It wasn’t one of those things we spoke about days before but we  just decided to attend  puja mere hours before .

Truth be told I added the Datta Shiva Ram Temple (it is located in Hindustan, Princes Town, Trinidad) in 2012  on Facebook but I only got an opportunity to visit it for the first time on that Sunday (February 7th, 2016)!

Finally I was able to be here! Jaya Guru Datta! It was a mixture of emotions- thankful, happy, relieved, excited!


Such a beautiful sight! This and the serenity were the first things to greet me!
What a beautiful sight! Divine, beautiful, a blessing!

It was not only a pleasure to be there but in every sense it was a blessing! Apart from being a serene ambience everything about it was inviting-the fresh air,  Swamiji’s smiling face and feeling His Divine presence all around.

Further to that during Homa there was a light rain- a sure sign of Blessings from up above!

I also enjoyed seeing lots of fresh flowers and fruits around!

What made it more enjoyable was witnessing everything we were able to. This together with Pundit Chitta Balroop’s important messages taught so much valuable lessons such as:

  • the importance of Puja to Lord Satnarayana
  • why we should partake of Prasadam
  • why we must keep our promises (a pertinent reminder that there are consequences to every action)
  • why we should not waste time (a fervent reminder that we must do what we can do today as tomorrow is promised to no one)
  • why we should not lose sight of what is important


Another beautiful picture which  was taken at the entrance of the Mandir.
The group was singing! Swamiji was looking on!


A view of the Mandir at night!

This was another first for me! I consider it a blessed experience! Really, nothing happens before it’s time- it happens when the time is right! Hopefully this is something we can all remember- nothing happens before its time!


Jaya Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!