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Celebrating being at the Datta Shiva Ram Temple!


We all know the saying that nothing happens before its time and it holds true for this experience. It wasn’t one of those things we spoke about days before but we  just decided to attend  puja mere hours before .

Truth be told I added the Datta Shiva Ram Temple (it is located in Hindustan, Princes Town, Trinidad) in 2012  on Facebook but I only got an opportunity to visit it for the first time on that Sunday (February 7th, 2016)!

Finally I was able to be here! Jaya Guru Datta! It was a mixture of emotions- thankful, happy, relieved, excited!


Such a beautiful sight! This and the serenity were the first things to greet me!
What a beautiful sight! Divine, beautiful, a blessing!

It was not only a pleasure to be there but in every sense it was a blessing! Apart from being a serene ambience everything about it was inviting-the fresh air,  Swamiji’s smiling face and feeling His Divine presence all around.

Further to that during Homa there was a light rain- a sure sign of Blessings from up above!

I also enjoyed seeing lots of fresh flowers and fruits around!

What made it more enjoyable was witnessing everything we were able to. This together with Pundit Chitta Balroop’s important messages taught so much valuable lessons such as:

  • the importance of Puja to Lord Satnarayana
  • why we should partake of Prasadam
  • why we must keep our promises (a pertinent reminder that there are consequences to every action)
  • why we should not waste time (a fervent reminder that we must do what we can do today as tomorrow is promised to no one)
  • why we should not lose sight of what is important


Another beautiful picture which  was taken at the entrance of the Mandir.
The group was singing! Swamiji was looking on!


A view of the Mandir at night!

This was another first for me! I consider it a blessed experience! Really, nothing happens before it’s time- it happens when the time is right! Hopefully this is something we can all remember- nothing happens before its time!


Jaya Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!











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