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Rising to the Challenge! Celebrating COSTAATT’s class of 2016!

Amazing! Memorable! Full of energy and positivity!  These are just some of the many words that can describe COSTAATT’s 2016 Graduation Ceremony.

It was filled with priceless moments, familiar faces and friendly but powerful and inspiring voices that have filled our lives in these past years. This journey we can all agree, for those of us who were on it, was an awesome learning experience that we will always value! This is something those before us can agree on and those after us will surely agree on also!

This year approximately 1,500 students graduated from COSTAATT and there were three graudation ceremonies- this is the largest number of graduates in our College’s history.

What exactly defines a COSTAATT student?

  • someone prepared to go through it for the long haul
  • someone who knows the value of teamwork
  • someone who knows a pass mark is 60-70
  • someone who is endures late nights of work to get assignments in
  • someone who understands the meaning of plagiarism from the get go and is not scared of “Turn it in” assignment

Here are some useful links to some priceless moments:

Graduation #1-1092
Graduation #2-974

Below are some of the other songs performed by the COSTAATT Musical Ensemble which were not only perfectly executed but added to the tone of celebration and festivity!

COSTAATT Thank You! Yes we did it ourselves but you (Management, Board of Trustees, Departments Chairs, Deans, Lecturers, Adivisors) provided us with what we needed along the way! We are grateful for this and we are proud to be students of COSTAATT!


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