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Celebrating Independence Day 2017!

August 31st 2017 marks 55 years since Trinidad and Tobago has gained its Independence!

On this occasion, Happy Independence Day Trinidad and Tobago!

tnt_independence_pm2Here are 2 videos showing different parts of the Independence Day parade:

The video below shows Independence Fireworks in San Fernando

For those who do not know of our history please visit this link where you can get some very valuable information:

Pictures we can all agree tell a story! These pictures all tell a story. Can you find any more that help to tell the story of our Independence? Please feel free to share them!


In closing let me once again extend Independence Day Greetings to you! Happy Independence Day Trinidad and Tobago! Happy Independence Day Trinibagonians! It’s 55 years and counting!

I leave you with this compilation of Patriotic Songs





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