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Celebrating the life of Selwyn Joseph

Celebrating the life of Selwyn Joseph
In this post I celebrate the life of my neighbour Selwyn Joseph who died under very tragic circumstances on May 23rd, 2020. 

Many would remember that May 23, 2020 was the last day of fasting for the month of Ramadan. Those who knew Selwyn would know that just about two (2) years ago Selwyn converted to Islam so it means that at the time of his death he was fasting and he would have eagerly been looking forward to Eid celebrations the day after.

Unfortunately he didn’t live to celebrate Eid. May 23, 2020, instead became the day he died under very unfortunate circumstances. 

In the nearly six (6) years that I have been married to Shiva, I have grown to known Selwyn quite well. How would I describe him:

1. Selwyn has always been good to my family- always polite, always ready to help. One of the things I would miss is him passing by and calling out to us. I am sure based on who I knew him as being that he was also a good person to many people. 

2. Selwyn loved his family. That was obvious and his love for his wife and children unquestionable. One of the things many people are quite familiar with was him getting dressed to go to mosque and often times taking his eldest, Stephon with him. Sometimes he would also be seen taking his baby girl for an early morning walk. A sight many of us can recall is him with his family. Mere days before his tragic death he was walking by with his wife and children and their smiles were priceless. No one would expect that just a few days later their family would be shattered.

3. Selwyn was a good friend and he always looked out for those closest to him.  Those who knew him can attest to this. More so Selwyn stood up for what he believed in. 

4. Selwyn lived a very simple life. Selwyn was a serious-minded individual, who everyone knew as one who would look out for those around him. As a Muslim especially he was committed to fulfilling his duty and he spent a lot of his time in the Mosque. A lot of his life also reflected his commitment to Islam.

5. Selwyn was a very talented painter. This was his trade and when he did a job it would be one many would talk of because it was a job that was well done.

Much can be said about how a man lived but in my estimation this description speaks volumes. No man is without flaws but that a man can make a positive impact should be remembered and more so it should be celebrated.

True enough the last moments of a man’s life speaks volumes. The circumstances surrounding Selwyn’s death were without a doubt very tragic. His last moments were spent in prayer and calling the name of Allah. 

It has also left a sound reminder that man has not given life and as such should not take life. Further to this we should always treat people as we would like to be treated and we should always adhere to our values. 

Nobody deserves to be taken advantage of and more so no man should be attacked whether he is weak or in a weakened state. 
Selwyn’s passing has no doubt left a void. His wife has been rendered a single parent and his three (3) young kids now have to grow up without their father’s touch, his comfort and his general presence. 

Everyone who knew him has suffered a loss. In addition to his family (his wife, his children, his mom, his siblings, his neices, his nephews, his in-laws), his neighbours, his friends, his Muslim brothers and sisters have also suffered a loss. 

Though I know I cannot have this dialogue with him now I must say that I am grateful for all that he has done for my family and I can safely say that he will be missed by all who knew him. 

We pray that Selwyn has found peace. His life has been a lesson to us all. 
Selwyn Joseph may be physically gone but he will not be forgotten. 

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