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Celebrating the life of my aunt, Kaysika Devi Dookie!

Her smile, her voice and every memory I have with her is how I will remember my aunt. She was a sister, mother, wife, niece, cousin, sister-in-law, aunt, aunt-in-law, grandmother, mother-in-law and friend of many.

The late Kaysika Devi Dookie passed away on Tuesday 17 May 2022 and for those who knew her and the life she lived, she fought a brave fight. While for some Auntie is just a term of endearment, many can agree that those who had Aunties like her have special bonds with nieces and it doesn’t matter how often you see them but moments you share with them are moments that you hold dear.

A priceless smile of her when she was younger that says it all!

Kaysika Devi Dookie was the daughter of Celia Dookie and the late Ramlal Dookie. She was the common-law wife of Arnold Bahadoor. She was the mother of Rishi, Imran and Candice, mother-in-law of Stacy and Shizelle and the grandmother of Regan and Rayaz.

One of the last pics taken with her!

The late Kaysika Devi Dookie was the sister of Doris, Dora, Dolsie, Bena, Jaggernath and Rajdaye. She was the sister-in-law of my deceased Dad Ramchit, as well as the sister-in-law of Hussain, Rajesh, Rosemary, Sharaz, Winston, Sally and Reynold. She was my aunt and the aunt of my siblings, Ria and Ricky as well as the aunt of Sasha, Adesh, Sarah, Vincent, Leah, Premnauth, Susan, Joseph and Josiah. She was also the grandaunt of nine.

She was the niece of Betty, Vinda, Doodnath, Sita and the late Mynie, Sookraj and Bharose. She was also the relative of Leela Ramdeen, the Atal, Jairam, Dookie, Thomas, Shah, Bocas, Baksh, Ramdass and Deowajit families.

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A lesson she taught us was that no one can stand in your shoes because no one can fill them like you and she did it in more ways than one.  Many would remember her as a friendly and hardworking cashier who worked for several years at Rajack’s Supermarket in Point Fortin and also at NH Chan and Sons, Carl Chang Supermarket and Tang Hap’s Supermarket, all that are well-known businesses in Point Fortin .

When you love what you do and you do what you love, the smile says it all!

What many may not know is that she was a New Year’s Day baby- her birthday was on January 1. As we are always told, once we are born, death is inevitable and many of us don’t know is that today we may talk to someone and tomorrow they may not be around.  In case you are wondering what Jan 1, 1964 was like, then you need to read this January 01, 1964, Wednesday, 5 Things You Didn’t Know on NewYear’s Day 1/1/1964 |

What I don’t think she knew is that she shared a birthday with famous American actress Dedee Pfeiffer, Italian singer Francesca Alotta and a few others! Her reaction might have been, “Really?” and it would have been matched by a smile on her face.

It is one time when gone but not forgotten holds renewed meaning! Her smile, her calls, her messages, her loving nature and her humility will never be forgotten.

The message that comes with death is to remind us who are here how to live! Please take the time to listen to and look at this!

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