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Celebrating Time to Travel to Trinidad and Tobago!

Yes, you read it correctly!

Also, yes, I am celebrating this project as it helped me to meet some really awesome people within my country.

Many would not know but the last couple months have been very interesting, and it has also meant getting help from many special people in my life with photographs within the book that you will love.

Time to Travel to Trinidad and Tobago features our places, our food, our culture and so much more. It’s one of those projects I was enthusiastic about from the beginning and I am privileged to connect with so many valuable entities within our country. Here are some:

Angelo Bissessarsingh Heritage House, Green Market, We Foods, Sylvia’s Kitchen (Tobago) the Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust, Uncle Sam and Sons, The First People of Trinidad and Tobago and Corbin’s Local Wildlife (Tobago) just to name a few.

The great news is that this book is just the beginning with so many stories to tell. Further to this, when the interview was done this blog was being viewed in 132 countries and to date it has increased to 137 countries other than my own home country.

I am really happy that it is being published by IziMarkPublishing! With IziMarkPublishing there are lots of positives and lots to look forward to!

Enjoy looking at the interview! Like, subscribe and share!

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Celebrating Life! Anil Bheem (May 14, 1974- February 4, 2023)

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” Bob Marley

When in just 12 hours over 352,000 people view one man’s funeral, it speaks volumes! When thousands gather to say a final farewell, it tells how great he was and how many lives he impacted and when social media gets flooded with memories, condolences, photos, tributes and people comforting each other, it means that he was a blessing and those who knew him were blessed to have him!

When he could bring so many people together- artistes, politicians, religious leaders and so many others, it shows just how unique he was. When he could reduce so many to tears it shows that we have suffered a great loss and this is the effect of “The Vocalist” Anil Bheem, a man who spent so much of his life doing what he loved and serving others.

More so, when his early song and his last official song sharing similar messages of his views on life, it tells of his wisdom and his humility. With his early Mastana Bahar rendition of Kishore Kumar’s Musafir Hun Yaaron (1972), translated as, “I am a traveller, I do not have home and address” and his recent remake called the Indian Anthem which when translated means, “The beautiful night has slipped away, Throughout the world the seasons have changed,” he has shared very profound life messages with us. Indian Anthem, it should be noted has gotten over 3.3 million views in just five months.

On the morning of February 4, 2023 people across Trinidad and Tobago woke up to the news that Anil Bheem had an untimely death and as the news spread throughout the world, thousands more were plunged into mourning. Hours before he had two shows, one at “The Rig” and the other at “Avala” in Heartland Plaza. Mere hours before his passing, a pinned Facebook post, “Ima band boi for life✊🏼BMRZ yo.Thanks all❤️TheVocalist Anil Bheem Nirmal Ramdass Singh Suraj Ramdass Singh Amir Amit Ramjattan✊🏼

Anil Bheem’s passing is a great loss for our nation and for his many fans across the world, but he deserves every title he has been given. I am sure that many can agree that in his music you could feel the energy and the sincerity. They are always filled with passion and love and surely these videos are just a fraction of his entire music offering to the world. His repertoire speaks for itself, and both his music and contribution tell his story to the world. He was gifted and God’s gift to mankind- an artiste par excellence.

Anil has reminded us of how quickly life can change and how everything is temporary as we all on this journey called life. As he always shared with his audience, “There is a spark of divinity within each and every one of us. Locate that divine spark and everything will just fall into place, it will be just mellow.” He has reminded us of how important it is to value each moment we have and to live well with each other, respecting each other and building people up rather than breaking them down.

He has, through his spark of divinity reminded others of how important it is for them to find their spark of divinity as we are all travellers. Worry and panic don’t help, but everything comes together naturally as it should because nothing is in our hands, but in the hands of the Creator and Master.

To his parents, his wife, his daughters, his grandchildren, members of his band, his 103.1fm family and his extended family, our thoughts and our prayers are with you! We pray for each of you to have courage and strength in this most difficult time. Anil Bheem, “The Vocalist” will not be forgotten! His voice, his music and his messages will live on!

Ram Naam Satya Hai

Om Sadgati