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Celebrating Music- What is the Beat of the Drum? Who is Krystian Garner?


Let the Celebrations continue! In this post I celebrate “The Beat of the Drum” and the artist who created it- Mr Krystian Garner.

In case you have never heard of him I am sure there is a lot to pique your interest and you would be happy you decided to read on!

What is The Beat of the Drum about? Have a look at this:

So, who is Krystian Garner? Krystian Garner is a musician and drummer.  He has been playing drums since the age of 3 but officially began playing at 5 years old. He likes football, NFL, drums (of course) and helping people to grow just as he does. Added to this he dislikes anything that degrades or discriminates against anyone or anything.

Why did he choose “The Beat of the Drum” as his project idea? Here is what he says: Being that I have been around music all of my life and I want to develop my skills, I saw this as an opportunity to not only reach further by interviewing other people but sharing what I’ve learnt with others.

Has he seen growth of his project?  His response: Yes, I have seen growth in my project. It started off as a concept by asking individuals for assistance to add content to my project. Now it has reached a place where musicians/drummers are interested in working with me to do video shoots and share about their experiences. Awesome!

As The Beat of the Drum grows so too does Krystian!

-A mix of Latin, R&B, Reggae, Calypso, Jazz Fusion all in one! Interesting right and definitely something to celebrate right?

What’s his favourite part? This is what he said to me: My favourite part has been meeting new drummers and other musicians around Trinidad and also being recognized by international drum companies, which is a major bonus to my project.

His proof:

What did he identify as the most positive thing coming out of this? Here is what he shared: The most positive thing is the progress of my skills along with more drummers becoming confident to share their videos no matter what level they are at in their journey as a musician.

As he continues to inspire and grow you can follow him not just learn more about him but learn of other successes he enjoys!

Visit The Beat of the Drum on Facebook at,

on Twitter at

and on Instagram at

I wish you all the best Krystian and continued success in the future!

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