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Celebrating Existence: Looking within- What does celebrating existence mean to you?

Hi all,

My opening song is from Hillsong Kids and was taken from YouTube.  What does Celebrating Existence mean to you? I asked this question and got the following responses. Here is what Celebrating Existence means to Carlotta Alexander!

As Carlotta Alexander, BA Mass Communications student and Office Assistant | Customer Service-South SAGICOR LIFE INC.21-25 Independence Avenue | San Fernando says and shares with us:

 “For me just the mere idea that I have life is a celebration.  Earlier this year I went to work as usual not considering that my eye was blurry and  I was always thirsty. I was too busy to even stop and check myself with a doctor because I so wanted to keep my grades up, meet deadlines of both work and school that I hadn’t realized how sick I really was.

It was only when my daughter fainted in San Fernando and I rushed to the hospital to see what had  happened to her that my fellow classmates who worked at the hospital looked at me and begged me to get a card and see the doctor also.  I, just wanting to stop their nagging humoured them and look their advice but little did I know that the joke was on me and a detrimental  one I must say, because my blood sugar readings were off the charts and my blood pressure well that was another story. All I knew is that they were sticking me needles and putting tubes in me with intern doctors disappearing and head doctors appearing. It took me eight days in the hospital for them to bring down all my vitals and sugar levels and even when I was discharged it was still high. I could have died and I am very fortunate to be alive. I can’t take a day of my life for granted.

Now life is a celebration because I have a greater appreciation of everything and everyone. Things that would have angered or even fret me, I am now more willing to let it go or pass. Life is truly fragile… we must treat it with care. I treat it with reverence now. I find myself looking at my daughter more carefully, now  I am cherishing her smile, the way she talks, walks and laughs. I listen more to others and what they have to say. We rush about life as we own it. I have news for you.. we don’t. live, love, learn and most all share while celebrating.

As my close friend Estervia Chaddie,a Secondary School teacher assigned to Cedros Secondary School, Bonasse Village Cedros says:

“Celebrating existence for me means to live fully and the best that I can with those who give me purpose and meaning…my family and few close friends. I don’t just simply exist…I live the life that I love.

I celebrate my existence by trying to fulfil my purpose…still figuring out that purpose as I go along but the journey to find that out is an amazing one!”

Enjoy listening to this Natalie Taylor selection from YouTube:

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