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Celebrating COMM350 classmates

To the readers of this post, it’s an opportunity to be retrospective. We started in September, we worked together, we defied odds and overcame challenges but we persevered and completed our projects in December.

Our paths have crossed and for most of us our paths will cross again. To all the students of COSTAATT’s COMM350 Class of Semester 1 of the 2014-2015 Academic Year taught by Mr. Kayode James,  Senior Lecturer at COSTAATT’s Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies, it was my pleasure to meet you and to work with you.

To Mr. Kayode James, Sir thank you for your guidance and support. It was my pleasure to be in your class.

Many of my classmates will be continuing their blogs and they need your support. I ask that you please lend them your support as they offer a lot to learn. Here are the links to their respective blogs. The list is not exhaustive and though it may seem lengthy I am sure there is a thing or two here that will surely pique your interest.

To all Happy Reading! To the bloggers, Happy Blogging!

Stay safe everyone and continue being blessed! All the best!

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