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Celebrating Christmas 2014!

One thing’s for sure- ‘Trini’s’ know how to celebrate Christmas! For those outside of Trinidad and Tobago who have never heard of the term “Trini” which I hardly doubt, it refers to Trinidadians and Tobagonians!

Just how do we celebrate it?

  •  Celebration via prayer marking the birth of Christ
  • Food- Yes….pastelles, ham, fruit cake, punch-ah-crème,  all you can eat “Trini” style- be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian- so curry goes hand in hand, meat or  no meat,
  •  Music- Parang, Parang, Soca Parang, Carols,
  • Drinks- Sorrel, Ginger Beer, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike
  • Good company

In closing allow me to say Merry Christmas to all- family, friends, loved ones, COMM350 classmates, Mr. Kayode James, viewers who are following my blog, and all other viewers, old and new alike.

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