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Celebrating 2014!

Celebrating 2014! That’s exactly what I am doing at this very moment- celebrating 2014 for you, for me, for our friends, our family, our loved ones!

Many may ask why I am celebrating 2014 but they ought to remember I am one who celebrates day by day and takes it bit by bit and this for me is an opportunity to celebrate the 365 days days for what they were! Most certainly it has given me the privilege to meet each one of you online! Thank you for that!

As 2014 is at the end, many will not be able to see 2015. For those who are there is much to be thankful for!

For me it is for these reasons:

  1. My life.
  2. My health.
  3. My family- mom- Doris, dad- Ranjit, husband-Shiva, sister- Ria, brother-Ricky, sister-in-law- Leci, nephew- Richie, mother-in-law- Rajkumarie, brother-in-law- Ugesh, sisters-in law, Vidya and Sumatee and Sumatee’s kids, Rebekah and Joshua, brother-in-law-Kenneth,
  4. My friends
  5. My COSTAATT family-lecturers and classmates all included

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