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Celebrating My Existence!

It’s 6 days into 2015 and today I celebrate my existence once again! It has been a blessed day and one filled with love from beginning to end which is usually the way my days are.

Today I celebrate a new dawn and another year of my life as I start one and bid the end of another. It has been an enjoyable day as I was fortunate to have the love of my parents, my husband, siblings, in laws, friends and colleagues. It was filled with laughter and singing from beginning to end.

I was also happy to go to work though it was a packed day and I was scampering after waking up late, but I got in on time and got through it. Sure it was busy, but those who know me would not expect anything less, and it was enjoyable.

What does “Rachael” mean? Follow this link and see what I found:

Here’s what it said at and I found it quite interesting:

“Who is she?

Rachael is a secretive, internalized and determined woman who advances in life slowly but very surely. Cerebral and intellectual, she tends to think and analyse things a lot. Because she is of a somewhat anxious nature, she is inclined to pose both big and small existential questions… Her motto might be “I think, therefore I am.” Rachael  is rational and has an analytical mind. However, we observe two antagonistic tendencies: the Cartesian tendency, which gives her a sceptical mind that is capable of sarcasm, mockery and even virulence towards those who dare to choose a different path to her own. She is likely to be attracted to science with a capital S or to reason with a capital R; her irrational, mystical and intuitive tendencies are great strengths, and could lead her to explore esotericism after much intense forethought: psychology, spirituality or astrology … The intimate master number 22 stimulates her, and could lead her onto royal roads… Don´t assume, however, that Rachael  is asocial and spends her life with her nose in a book, because in fact she is warm and very friendly as well as quite talkative – especially when a topic interests her – and she is always looking to meet more people. Her charm is undeniable, and she´s actually really nice, to boot. As a child, she tends to be inquisitive and a bit of a chatterbox. Her parents had better be up to scratch on the subjects that interest her, to be able to answer her many questions and help her to quench her thirst for knowledge. It would be wise to promote her socialization, sense of sharing and exchange because she could quite happily be self-sufficient. With the 7 and 4, one observes an intimate feeling of being apart. But in general, she will focus on her studies which could continue well into her adulthood, the eternal student…

What does she like?
She enjoys research and analysis – preferably in a context of peace and quiet – and is fascinated by all that is original and cutting edge. Her love life isn´t always plain sailing, because Rachael can be rather disconcerting and elusive, as she tends to suppress her innermost feelings and can come across as being much more frosty and indifferent than she really is, often feeling that she is misunderstood. She is highly selective in love and would much rather be alone than with the wrong person. She could therefore experience more or less prolonged periods of celibacy, or indeed a more independent or less conformist romantic lifestyle.”

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from my darling sister Ria!
from my darling sister Ria!

Who do I share a birthday with that you may know? Apart from Auntie Vickythere are others. Check this link:

To read the Jan 6th Horoscope check this out:

To check Jan 6th by profession please visit:

Have a listen and have some fun!

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