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Celebrating Easter 2015!

Happy Easter 2015 everyone from my family to your family! For us it was a very quiet and peaceful day. We hope it was for you and your family too and that you enjoyed it!

Some of you may have gone to Church, some of you may have spent time with family, some may have gone to the beach. Whatever you did I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly and it was a safe one.

As we celebrate Easter 2015 let’s start by looking at what Easter means.

How has it been celebrated? Here is a link that can shed some light on this for you:

Below I have included a link to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter sermon:

Here’s something else that is more than guaranteed to pique your interest. For those curious about Easter treats around the world you might enjoy this by Brent Bennett:

Happy Easter 2015 once again everyone! I hope you enjoyed this Easter Celebration! Have a good Easter Monday also. Hasta la vista! Thank you for your reading!

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