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Celebrating the spread of information via the Internet!

Can you imagine the world as it would be without the internet? I am not sure you can or you might be remotely interested in doing such!
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Today I choose to focus on news! So much goes on around us and true enough sometimes we are oblivious, or unaware! Do you know how much has happened in the world that you may not have heard of yet? It’s a lot and I am using this opportunity to share some of it! Click on the links as you come upon them. Each link will lead you to something that has happened very recently in the world and interestingly enough all of these stories have taken place in the past 48 hours.

Take note of the photographs, the video footage and all the information that is shared. Here we go:

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The first story focuses on sad news. There was a lot of damage done! Thank God that you are safe, sound and alive! A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan.

This is information regarding the same earthquake that was reported 11 hours earlier.

The US, UK, Spies Agencies and Media Companies….what’s the connection? Check this out:

Do you know that a crane collapsed in lower Manhattan yesterday morning and it killed one person and injured two others? If you didn’t here is the link to an article that contains some footage an onlooker captured-

This is a little closer to home and it is about a crisis in Haiti which has turned deadly:

At this stage too news world be incomplete without mention of the Zika virus. This was released a mere 18 hours ago and it focuses on precautions that men should take regarding this virus-

For those who might be considering travelling this bit of information might prove to be useful as it focuses on Puerto Rico’s governor declaring a health emergency as more Zika-related cases emerge:

Here is information on a much lighter note. Star Wars continues to be a big hit as expected. Here is the proof:

This is one of the first things that grabbed my attention this morning

We can all agree that locally there is a lot of disturbing news. This is something from our local news which you might want to read. It’s from the Trinidad Guardian and concerns information about the explosion at Kleen Rite Dry Cleaners earlier in the week:

Another trending topic in local new is the new VAT regime here in Trinidad and Tobago. There is a hotline number here and other useful information for readers:

Water shuttle passengers will also be very pleased to find out about a new shuttle service from Marabella to the Water Taxi Terminal. You can read more about it here:

Hopefully some information within this post has been of help to you. Keep up with what’s going on around you please! Embrace every opportunity to learn more! Celebrate it!

Here is what you may want to find out more about:

Aerial picture of a site where buildings collapsed after a powerful earthquake hit Tainan, southern Taiwan
A site where buildings collapsed is seen in this aerial picture taken after a powerful earthquake hit Tainan, southern Taiwan, February 6, 2016. Courtesy REUTERS/Xinhua


courtesy Loop News


In closing it’s Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago! Whether or not you’re taking part in the festivities I wish you the very best! Have a safe and enjoyable weekend everyone!