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Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016!

mothers day 2016Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers the world over!

In commemoration of Mother’s Day 2016 this post is dedicated to our Mother (My Mom, Ria’s Mom and Ricky’s Mom)!

Happy pic with my Mom, Mrs Doris Thomas!

She is patient, she is kind, she is loving and she is our Mom- Doris Thomas! More so, everyone who knows her will agree that she is devoted and committed not only to our family, but to everyone who has a place in her life! She always gives of her best and wears a beautiful smile! She listens and she is considerate of others!

As old as I am I call my Mom everyday (a couple times a day most times) and she never makes me think I am bothering her one bit, even though she might be busy! There are so many fond memories we have of Mom and as we look forward to the future, we look forward to more and more memories.


Today did not turn out the way I was hoping as I have been fighting a crappy virus for 2 weeks and my crazy schedule with assignments and final papers have not helped one bit. I so wanted to be home and see Mom, Dad and my sister but it didn’t turn out as I expected!

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Honestly I can’t afford to let anybody else get it from me as it’s one of the worst experiences I have had for a while- coughing, sneezing, being confined to bed. I’m sorry I did not get to see Mom but I will see her and the rest of our family as soon as I get better!

goodmorningquote.comI would always be grateful for every moment I have with my Mom! No amount of words can express my gratitude and my appreciation for everything my Mom has done but I always try to let Mom know I love her, I am thankful and appreciative.

Here are some things which can let us know about the Mom  we have been blessed with and I’m just using my experiences:

  • If I am not sure about something I can call and guides me or tells me what to do.
  • If she doesn’t hear from us (she knows when I call),  she would call to find out if we’re okay.
  • My degree will soon be over. I will be honest in saying some days have been easier than others. It’s been so crazy that sometimes it’s been difficult to say how far into the semester it’s been. Mom has been on a countdown with me throughout.
  • At one point I thought of taking a break as Mom said, “If you don’t start there will be no end, but if you do, you’ll see it.”
  • Like Dad, Mom has always given us her best! They have never shirked their responsibilities and have always urged us to be the best that we can be! They have been there for us!

I know that not all of us have the same experiences but all of our experiences teach us something, and essentially give us more to appreciate! In this video there must be something we can all identify with. Please have a look at it.

This next video tells a story of its own and it’s especially for this occasion. Indeed it encompasses different music genres but it reminds us and offers a lot we can relate to.

Hopefully there is a lot you can enjoy from this as it offers a lot! Have a look:

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers the world over! Enjoy your special day! We hope you have a great day!

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