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Current Book Promo: Tasty Vegetarian Delights

Save! Save! Save!

That’s what this current book promo will allow you to do!


67% off! Yes! You can get Tasty Vegetarian Delights for just 99c on Amazon from now to tonight at 11pm.
After 11pm tonight the price will be $1.99 till 11am on May 29! That will mean you will get a 34% discount off the original price!

Even after that it will be priced at just $2.99

What can you find in Tasty Vegetarian Delights? Apart from Vegetarian food you can find:

  • A mix of various cuisines: Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese
  • A combination of appetizers, main course dishes and a few drinks
  • Some dishes you can bring together as combination meals
  • Tasty vegetarian dishes you can enjoy preparing and having
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Photos of what your dishes will look like when you are done


Also have a look at this customer review:

Special thanks to Tamara Simon for buying the book and providing a review to let others know what she found in the book and how she found the information provided within it. The thing is that potential buyers can hear it from me but it always helps when they get a perspective from someone who bought it.


It is yours for the taking as always!

From me to you: Happy Shopping,  Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!
To get your copy today visit


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