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Celebrating the Gift of Reading (Kindle-not a must for Kindle Books but Kindle Apps help!)

Believe it or not you have read the title of this blog post correctly!


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You do not need a Kindle to read a book that is available in Kindle Edition. Of course having one may be a source of comfort to you but there are several free ways in which you can download Free Apps to read your Kindle Books.

Allow me to clarify one thing: Many people misunderstand what a Kindle is!

What is a Kindle?

A Kindle is a small hand held electronic device for reading books which has been developed by online retailer Amazon. (Source:>guides)

As mentioned having a Kindle is not the only way to download a book in Kindle edition. What you can do is download the free Kindle App  

1.       From Android from Google Playstore at

2.      From Amazon for PC or Mac, Android or iOS at

3.      From the Apple Store at 

Further to this you can download the App to more than one device (for example,  a mobile  phone and a laptop or a laptop and a desktop)

What’s more is that if you live in Trinidad and Tobago when you purchase a Kindle book you don’t incur any charges for online shopping. 

If we can all agree that children born in this current generation are born in an age of technology and they live in an age where they are surrounded by it wherever they go, one way of steering them in the right direction is to give them the gift of reading.

Reading gives us knowledge and knowledge empowers us. Now not everything is worth reading but like I have said repeatedly, “To be a writer is a blessing. Similarly to be able to read is a gift.” 

writer blessing
A quote on what writing and reading mean to me

What’s more is do you know how many kindle books you can get for free on a daily basis and all you need to do is to search for ‘free kindle books’?

How can you do this?

Go on Amazon and in the search bar type in:

“free kindle books”

“free kindle books for children”

“free kindle books for kids”

For example this is the result of a search for free kindle books for kids today:






I urge all parents to search for appropriate books for their kids. This was just a search for free kindle books for kids today but if you are in search of books for yourself or a friend or on a particular subject you can vary your search accordingly.

For example:

·         ‘free kindle cook books’

·         ‘free kindle books for meditation’

·         ‘free kindle books for diabetics’

In closing allow me to share this with you: #savethedate #freebookpromo #grabnsave
July 17th-July 19th my book Eternal Inspiration will be free. It is available at


cover page
Cover Design for my book Eternal Inspiration: The Power of Positive Thinking & Learning How You Can

Just remember buy it and download it to your Kindle App! Get it at $0.00 and download it to the free Kindle App which is available on Android and Apple Store or the free Kindle App for PC. Use the links above and enjoy the fact that you can purchase free books.


From me to you happy reading! 





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