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Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 2023!

Did you rock your socks today? Trust me, it’s not too late and there is no better time than the present!

In celebrating this day, this is a video I think you should not just look at, but you should listen to intently and grab the opportunity to share it with others.
If you are not yet inspired, then you surely need to take a few minutes to fully enjoy this video.

Accept others for who they are!

Believe that you can make a difference!

Consistently move forward in the direction of your dreams!

Dive deep into your goals!

Enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to help others!

Face each day with courage!

Greet each day with a smile!

Hate no one, have no ill will or malice!

Invite peace into your heart!

Joke not about serious matters and remember jokes must not be at the expense of others!

Leave no one behind!

Make each moment count!

Notice the changes around you!

Open new chapters but close old ones.

Play your role in bringing about change.

Quickly keep up with the pace!

Rock your socks!

Stay sweet!

Thank God for all your experiences!

Understand that each action counts!

Valiantly view things for what they are!

Wishful thinking is nothing without action!

X-ray your goals

Yes is a sign of moving forward

Zero in on your strengths and weaknesses