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Celebrating FM World!

Are you interested in getting high quality products for a fraction of the cost? Then you need to read on!

Many may not know but in 2018, I joined this awesome company, and it has been one without regret and countless positives. These are just a fraction of the numerous advantages to business partners.

  • FM World values all business partners
  • It’s more than just fragrance (so much to choose from)
  • You get your own web shop.
  • Awesome discounts available
  • Buy more for less!
  • Help others help themselves!!
  • You decide where you want to be!
  • Your FM World fragrances are only parfum (look at the chart below and compare it to what you have in your possession at the moment)

Let me be real (and you know I always am), it irks me when people get scammed for fragrances and sometimes you try to educate others about fragrances, and they look at you like you are talking nonsense. Fragrance education is real, and this is an awesome start!

Photo Credit: The Ultimate Fragrance Concentration Guide (Pinterest)

If you love parfum, this post is for you and if you are looking for an additional income, then this is surely something you need to examine!

As always, I urge you as always to be your best friend and I call this the opportunity with nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I love helping others as you know, and I would love to help you! Need some more info? Then, please have a look at these videos!

If you would like to join my team, please contact me or use this link

If you would like to shop from my web shop, please use a guest login when you visit

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Celebrating Life: Lending a Helping Hand!

The focus of this post is on Lending a Helping Hand!

Why? This is necessary for so many reasons:

  • We cannot always tell what someone else’s circumstances are!
  • A smile does not mean everything is okay!
  • We cannot tell someone else how to feel or what to do because many of the times we cannot stand in anyone else’s shoes.
  • Hardly ever will two people treat the same situation the same way!

As you go through your life, people will always judge you no matter what you do! Let them!

As you go through your life, you will come across others that think they know your reality better than you do! Let them!

As you go through your life, some will put you through hell in order to feel better about themselves! Pray for them! God is with you and He always takes care of His children!

These are just some of the reasons why you should always lend a helping hand!

The reality is there are many who need your help though no fault of their own! The reality is many others may be going through some of the unfortunate things you are coping with! The reality is that there are many who may not be able to ask for help!

The reality- always be you! Always do the best you can. Live without regret and never do anything looking for something in return.

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Need a Scholarship? Apply to UNICAF today!

Yes, you can apply for a UNICAF Scholarship for your tertiary level studies today!

Even better news is that this previous post still applies so if you need a scholarship, grab the opportunity to apply for one today using this link

UNICAF is making it possible for you or your loved ones to pursue your tertiary education and has partnered with the University of Suffolk, Liverpool John Moores University and the University of East London!

For those who would like to read the previous post, here is the link

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Please help Nurse Annette La-Rosa Charles fight cancer!

Please share or donate to this GoFundMe, to help Nurse Annette La- Rosa Charles fight cancer

Your help is critical as the family needs to raise $50,000 USD and Nurse Annette’s cancer is spreading rapidly. Each contribution is essential in helping them. As many would not be aware Nurse Annette La-Rosa Charles used to work at Petrotrin’s Augustus Long Hospital, Wellness Unit. Today, she needs your help and she needs it urgently!

Please read her story as shared by her husband Earl:

“My wife and I have been married for 45 years and I have been lucky to have a partner who has always been committed to being there for anyone in need. If I had to use one word to describe my wife, it would be ‘Selfless’. As a nurse, her selflessness has touched lives well beyond our immediate family (our kids and grandkids) as she has continually given of her time to make sure that others are well taken care of. It’s just who she is.

As someone who has also been very careful with her diet, exercised regularly and has always been an advocate for wellness and stress management, it was quite a surprise to all of us when she was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma – a rare and very aggressive type of cancer.

For over 15 years, my wife has supported cancer survivors as the leader of a cancer support group so we all understand that early intervention is critical. Given the anatomy and nature of this type of cancer, she must start chemotherapy immediately.

Needless to say, this has been quite the rollercoaster for the entire family as early scans (including a detailed PET scan which was recently done) initially indicated that there was no cancer present. However, after having severe pain and having her gallbladder removed, tests revealed the presence of cancer that had metastasized and invaded the gallbladder. A subsequent MRI revealed the type of cancer and the extent of the spread, confirming that she is now at Stage 3.

The doctors have explained that this type of cancer needs to be treated urgently given its aggressiveness and location. It is our hope that chemotherapy will reduce the size of the tumors present so that doctors can successfully operate. The funds raised from this GoFundMe will go toward costs associated with her treatment.”

A description of Nurse Annette

If you can help, please do! If you can share this post, please do! If you can share this link, please do! It’s Let’s not pass up this opportunity to help Nurse Annette when she needs our help!