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Celebrating Divinity: Appaji’s Trinidad visit 2016!

20160727_221948Jaya Guru Datta!

On July 26th, 2016  His Holiness Param Pujya Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda arrived in Trinidad.

It was a day devotees and members of the Datta family were looking forward to and many were determined to spend as much time as they could in the divine presence of Sri Swamiji.

Here are some pictures that show the welcome Sri Swamiji received:




Many  turned out in their numbers from the night of Appaji’s arrival to the time of His departure and His visit was marked by a number of very memorable occasions, namely:

Witnessing Appaji performing puja on a daily basis was not an opportunity to miss!



Listening to Sri Swamiji’s discourses were as always very inspiring.


As always there is a message for everyone and it is important to put it to use! Here are some useful links:

Hearing Appaji singing Bhajans

Receiving Sri Swamiji’s darshan is indescribable! It is a divine blessing and one to cherish!


The consecration rituals and ceremony for the murtis of Lord  Rama’s  Parivaar and Lord Satyanarayan at Dattatreya Yoga Centre in Carapichaima.






Appaji, our Swamiji, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda was presented with His 5th Guinness World Record


Epic Hanuman Chalisa ChanTTing here Hanuman Chalisa Chanting was led by His Holiness Sri Swamiji:




The consecration of the Shiva Lingam and the Murti of Mother Durga at the Datta Shiva Ram Temple in Princes Town and the consecration of the Navgrahas at the Sri Sachchidananda Yoga Ashram in Penal were two more very memorable occasions and these will be shared in a later post. Here are some pictures from these events so you have a great idea of what those posts  will include:





Many were sad to see Appaji leave but as Appaji says, “I am always here, I am always with you!”

Appaji we love You!  Appaji Thank You for giving us Your continued Darshan! Appaji Thank You for showering us with Your Love  and Thank You for taking care of us! We are proud members of the Datta family! We are proud and humbled to have You as our Appaji, our Swamiji, our Sadguru and so much more!

Sadguru Maharaj Ki Jai! Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ki Jai! Jai Veer Hanuman! Karya Siddhi Hanuman Ki  Jai!


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Celebrating International Day of Families!

Did you know that today is International Day of Families? Indeed it is!

It’s a day to celebrate not just today but everyday as with all other big occasions! Either way let’s do it now and let’s do it together! Ready, set go, let’s begin!

This is one song we can relate you I am sure you will agree! Have fun with it!

Today I celebrate my family! It is through family we learn so many  things and it’s also the people we spend most of our lives with. We are not all blessed with the same experiences but what would be interesting is the answer you might come up with to this question: What does family mean to you?

Allow me to answer it myself- it’s my immediate family, my extended family, my Coromandel Shiv Mandir family, my Dattatreya family, my COSTAATT family as well as those other special people in my life (my close friends). Family means these special people who I enjoy spending time with, who I laugh with, learn from and people who I value!   Family is laughter, support, being there for each other,  sharing moments, creating memories, encouraging each other. It is love and togetherness! It is knowing I am always there for you as best as I can be! It’s letting you know I’m looking out for you!

Truth be told I don’t think your answer would be one specific thing but I think one thing we can all agree on is that family is everything! We laugh, we cry, we talk, at times we disagree, but we love each other and a lot of times we learn from each other. Then there are times when we all realize how much we care about each other and how much every family member means to us!

In honour of International Family Day remember that Family is Strength!

We would all have different stories to tell! This was something I really enjoyed and I am quite happy to share with you! Please have a look at this video which describes the importance of family in life :

It’s very important not to lose sight of the people in our lives that matter! Live without regrets! Time waits on no one!

Embrace our opportunities and forever be thankful for our Blessings!

In closing remember this message: Other things may change but we start and end with the family!

family 2Happy International Day of the Family from me and my family to you and your family!