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Announcing my Online Classes: IELTS (Academic & GT), CELPIP, ESL, CSEC


Have you been looking for alternatives to help you, your friends, children or other close loved ones in accessing tuition online?
In the event that you are wondering why online options are better at this point, it is because of the very fact that Covid-19 has placed several challenges and restrictions around the world. These have created so many trying options that many have not expected.
As people the world over continue to get things back to normal many still need help to prepare for their exams- (at least not the way they want to) and parents have been put in a position to help them get their education and help them prepare. To view my profile and sign up for my sessions please click on the link below:
Rest assured that I am offering many great options. Over the years I have acquired a lot of experience as an ESL Teacher. In addition to being TEFL Certified, I am also a trained IELTS Specialist for tutoring students preparing for IELTS Academic and General Training. I have also gained a lot of experience in tutoring persons preparing for CELPIP exams for all the strands being tested on as well.  Bear in mind too that I am also continuing to provide tutoring for CSEC Exams for English (A), Office Administration, EDPM and POB. 
IELTS, CELPIP and ESL Tutoring are available to people from all around the world. My CSEC online classes in particular are available to persons from several Caribbean countries and surrounding countries namely Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica, Belize, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines and Suriname. 
What benefits are in store for those who join my classes other than online tuition?
1. Videos on demand and ample notes
2. Opportunities for individual attention & personalized feedback
3. Lessons, assignments & quizzes that are easily accessible
4. Courses that are offered at great prices
5. An opportunity to benefit from discounted offers when provided
6. An opportunity that will help them realize that they should not give up
7. Having me as your Lecturer- means having someone who is dedicated, committed and passionate about teaching and helping others as well as a host of other benefits including my years of experience.
Here is your invitation to join me for any of my online classes!
I urge you to make full use of this opportunity and to share it with others! It is in every sense, yours for the taking!
I look forward to seeing you there and looking forward to working with each person who signs up. Here is my video introduction!
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Celebrating World Happiness Day 2018!

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today (March 20) is World Happiness Day! I hope that your day was filled with happiness and if it was not, I hope that there was some measure of happiness for you today! If it hasn’t been like that yet please know that the day is not over and happiness will greet you soon. It will appear in the form of laughter, a smile or a kind word.

Happiness we can all agree should come from within and can manifest itself through any of the ways mentioned above- in a smile, a kind word, a thoughtful gesture or just pure laughter!

Here is a link to some quotes which I found and I am happy to share:

Hopefully there is something there which can resonate with you and also something that was able to pique your interest.

In continuing allow me to ask,  have you heard what the UN report said about Trinidad and Tobago’s happiness Index? Please have a look at this video:

Now look at Trinidad and Tobago in relation to the top 10 countries that are the happiest in the world.

Now stop for a minute and ask yourself what makes Finland the world’s happiest country. Then be sure to look at the video below.

In closing this is my message to you: Spread the love, spread the laughter, spread the happiness! 

Stay away from anyone who tries to steal your happiness! If you cannot stay away from the one who tries to steal your happiness just do not let them or their negativity or their nonsense get the better of you!

From me to you, Happy International Happiness Day 2018!


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Celebrating the spread of information via the Internet!

Can you imagine the world as it would be without the internet? I am not sure you can or you might be remotely interested in doing such!
Image courtesy

Today I choose to focus on news! So much goes on around us and true enough sometimes we are oblivious, or unaware! Do you know how much has happened in the world that you may not have heard of yet? It’s a lot and I am using this opportunity to share some of it! Click on the links as you come upon them. Each link will lead you to something that has happened very recently in the world and interestingly enough all of these stories have taken place in the past 48 hours.

Take note of the photographs, the video footage and all the information that is shared. Here we go:

Image from

The first story focuses on sad news. There was a lot of damage done! Thank God that you are safe, sound and alive! A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan.

This is information regarding the same earthquake that was reported 11 hours earlier.

The US, UK, Spies Agencies and Media Companies….what’s the connection? Check this out:

Do you know that a crane collapsed in lower Manhattan yesterday morning and it killed one person and injured two others? If you didn’t here is the link to an article that contains some footage an onlooker captured-

This is a little closer to home and it is about a crisis in Haiti which has turned deadly:

At this stage too news world be incomplete without mention of the Zika virus. This was released a mere 18 hours ago and it focuses on precautions that men should take regarding this virus-

For those who might be considering travelling this bit of information might prove to be useful as it focuses on Puerto Rico’s governor declaring a health emergency as more Zika-related cases emerge:

Here is information on a much lighter note. Star Wars continues to be a big hit as expected. Here is the proof:

This is one of the first things that grabbed my attention this morning

We can all agree that locally there is a lot of disturbing news. This is something from our local news which you might want to read. It’s from the Trinidad Guardian and concerns information about the explosion at Kleen Rite Dry Cleaners earlier in the week:

Another trending topic in local new is the new VAT regime here in Trinidad and Tobago. There is a hotline number here and other useful information for readers:

Water shuttle passengers will also be very pleased to find out about a new shuttle service from Marabella to the Water Taxi Terminal. You can read more about it here:

Hopefully some information within this post has been of help to you. Keep up with what’s going on around you please! Embrace every opportunity to learn more! Celebrate it!

Here is what you may want to find out more about:


Aerial picture of a site where buildings collapsed after a powerful earthquake hit Tainan, southern Taiwan
A site where buildings collapsed is seen in this aerial picture taken after a powerful earthquake hit Tainan, southern Taiwan, February 6, 2016. Courtesy REUTERS/Xinhua


courtesy Loop News


In closing it’s Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago! Whether or not you’re taking part in the festivities I wish you the very best! Have a safe and enjoyable weekend everyone!


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Celebrating Music

Music is my solace and it’s a sign I’m relaxed. Hearing me singing and enjoying music is something not many may have witnessed but it’s something Shiva has witnessed on so many occasions. I’ve never gotten around to taping it for those who might find it hard to believe, but the truth is, at that moment you’re thoroughly enjoying the moment.

There is so much truth in these statements:

Bob Marley -“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Friedrich Nietzsche- “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Victor Hugo- “Music expresses that which  cannot be put into words and that which  cannot remain silent.”

We don’t feel pain when we are really into the music do we? We don’t. Further to this, can we imagine life without music? Surely we cannot, now can we? Music is just so full of energy and rhythm. The lyrics, the beat and everything we can think about are proof that it’s soothing, through and through!

It’s pure therapy for most, including me. It relaxes and it’s healing also. Here is an example:

Can you think of the effect soca, calypso and parang have on Trinidadians and Tobagonians! It’s the perfect example especially when Carnival and Christmas come around.

Just a few weeks the Digicel Rising Stars 2015 completed. Now in Trinidad and Tobago we can all agree that is a big thing as it’s local talent and an outpouring of our local talent . The winner was Angela Didier. Here is some of what you missed:

This past week marked the Finals of The Voice Season 9. It was such a great season that was also overflowing with pure talent.

Music appeals to us in various ways. It means different things to all of us!

Now this is how I need your help everyone! I really would appreciate it! Please share your responses to these two questions:

What does music mean to you?

Which song/ songs make you laugh? Which songs make you sing along?

Hopefully you have enjoyed this but please remember I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Celebrating 2000+ Views on Celebrating Existence! (My Press Release)

Celebrating Existence (

Contact: Rachael Ann Thomas-Jeremiah          (Twitter) (Facebook)

           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Celebrating 2000+ Views on Celebrating Existence

Aranguez, San Juan, October 18, 2015:  On October 12, 2015 Celebrating Existence recorded 2000 views from 37 countries around the world. At this very moment this figure stands at 2,022 views and in this past week it has been viewed not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but also in the United States of America, Sweden, Indonesia and Qatar!

Its one year anniversary was celebrated  on September 19, 2015. At that time 1,903 views were recorded. Several posts were viewed more than others as is expected, and the content of the posts which have been viewed more are Spirituality, Life, Death, Family, Love, Childhood and Values.

The focus of Celebrating Existence is to inspire, to inform and to celebrate things which people take for granted at times. “October 12, 2015 is a historic day in the life of this blog which remains true to its initial focus and when I’m told that the post makes someone smile or inspires them, I know it is helping and I’m happy that it is!” says owner and creator Rachael Ann Thomas-Jeremiah. She continues, “I write about things I care about and people I care about.”

Through the course of its existence many viewers have shared their thoughts. “Very sobering and thought provoking indeed, makes you cherish life even more,” was Lisa Hernandez’s  response to one of the blog posts on Celebrating Existence entitled,  Celebrating Existence: Looking within- What does celebrating existence mean to you?

Another comment received on the blog came from Rabindranath Dassyne and reads, “Hey blogger it’s great! Continue the great work.”

As the blog continues so too the celebratory theme will continue. Links to the blog are often shared on Twitter at and on Facebook at is also a “Follow”  option on which viewers can click on at

About Celebrating Existence: Celebrating Existence officially started on September 19, 2014. It began as an assignment for one of the courses listed under COSTAATT’s BA Mass Communication  which is entitled Communication via Social Networking. With 49 posts to date it has been viewed in 37 countries across the world. Its inspiration was to Celebrate Existence in every sense since often times our weakness as human beings is to overlook the things we ought to be thankful for.

About Rachael Ann Thomas-Jeremiah: Rachael Ann Thomas-Jeremiah is a BA Mass Communication student at COSTAATT’s Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies. The BA English she possesses is from the University of London. In addition to the eleven (11) years of experience she has as an English and Literature teacher, she has been a Freelance Writer since January 2013 doing Blog, Script, Content, Article writing as well as Press Release Writing and “About Us” pieces for Corporate Websites. Her experience also extends to Professional Proofreading and Editing.


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Commemorating the One Year Anniversary of Celebrating Existence!

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog, Celebrating Existence. I have been looking forward to this day so much I cannot believe it is nearly over. I am thankful, so very thankful!!!

This blog has grown so much and trust me when I say how grateful I am for all the support it has received, all the comments, the views and all of the feedback.

The nervousness I experienced when I started is one I would never forget as I wasn’t sure how it would be received. Today, 47 posts later it has been viewed in 37 countries  around the world 1,903 times.

  • Here is some information you might be interested in:
  • Most views: Trinidad and Tobago, then USA, India and Canada
  • Some stats you might be interested in: Top 10 posts:
Title Views
Home page / Archives 406
Celebrating Spirituality: Celebrating His Holiness Pujya Sri Swamiji Ganapathy Sachidananda of Mysore India 254
Celebrating the life of my grandfather, the late Mr Ramlal Dookie! 122
Celebrating our Union! 117
About 79
Celebrating Family! 44
Celebrating Love: My Grandparents & the bond they shared! 44
Celebrating Courage! 42
Celebrating ” What’s your Childhood Memories?”- Celebrating the artist behind the creation- Diana John! 35
Celebrating Me! 30

Allow me to remind you of some of the posts that have been shared via these links:

In case you missed any along the way. here’s your chance to enjoy it now! Thank you for your views, your feedback and your support. I look forward to continuing to share information with you, inspire you, give you courage and faith when they are needed, and to Celebrate Existence every step of the way! Let’s take it day by day! Enjoy this moment and celebrate it!

In case you missed some you can enjoy them now!