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What does Celebrating Existence mean to me?

True enough celebrating existence may mean different things to different people. To me it is a means of celebrating so many things: celebrating me, celebrating my life, celebrating others, celebrating successes as well as being thankful, being reflective and counting blessings. It comes from feeling safe and sound, being able to celebrate you as an individual and then celebrating all else that is existence.

I believe sometimes these are things we take for granted as we get lost and often times caught up in life and all the challenges which it offers. Celebration can be equated to as being a dance off! It goes hand in hand with this song and video:

Please tell me: What does celebrating existence mean to you?


2 thoughts on “What does Celebrating Existence mean to me?

  1. The thought of celebrating existence quickly takes me to the very source of life, not just my own but the entire cosmos. Questions of who created this universe and equipped it with all the necessary ingredients that we as humans need, fills my consciousness with an overpowering sense of gratitude. I am reminded that the Creator loves me so much that He designed this wonderful planet with such an array of extremely beautiful displays of His sovereign creativity and awesome power. Have you ever seen the same sunrise or sunset? Each and every day they are totally different yet absolutely breathtaking!


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