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Celebrating Me!

Celebrating existence involves being thankful. Am I thankful? Indeed I am and I cannot celebrate existence and appreciate it without being thankful for what I have. Why do I celebrate me?

  1. Today I got up to see a new day and I got through all that came my way thus far.
  2. I am a child of God and I am blessed because God takes care of me.
  3. God has blessed me as a daughter to my parents who have played a major role in making me who I am, a sister to my younger siblings, a happy wife to the man who married me, a daughter-in-law to the mother-in-law who accepted me as her daughter, a sister-in-law to my brother’s wife and my husband’s siblings, an aunt to my handsome nephew, a niece to my aunts and uncles, a cousin to their children, a granddaughter to the parents of my parents, and a friend to the many I have met in my 31 years of existence.
  4. I am a teacher and a student. I am fortunate for my job, what it teaches me and for being able to not only to teach them, but also learn from them.
  5. I have many other people around me who take care of me and who love me. I value each of them.
  6. I have risen thus far in the face of all adversities (With health for example, I am like a phoenix rising from the ashes)
  7.  I have achieved a lot-academically, physically and emotionally.
  8. I have been able to find positives out of negatives.(How? My motto is Carpe Diem! Que sera sera! which translates to Seize the Day! What will be will be!).
  9.  I am who I am also because of what my experiences and society have taught me.
  10. I am blessed to be writing this blog.

My state of mind- I’m happy!

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