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Celebrating My COMM 350 Classmates-Part 2

This post continues the second part of my celebration of others. In my last post, I dedicated it to COMM 350 classmates. As you saw these blogs are individualistic, even though the fact remains that in some cases, topics were the same. Similarly, I dedicate this particular post to the other bloggers in the class, COMM 350- Communication via Social Networking with Mr. Kayode James.

Indeed I take time to reiterate that for some of us it is harder while for some of us it is easier, for some of us it is fun and enjoyable and hopefully more of us are having fun with it as the weeks go by. As the posts add on, I hope that as we persevere it is less of a project but more of an avenue for expression of our respective topics and of ourselves- the topics we are passionate about and what we would love to share with our respective audiences. Nonetheless, at this stage we are all making progress and we are sorting and adding to our respective pieces. Our topics overall are many and they are topics which are varied. Whether it’s art, health, nutrition, learning a new language or another interesting topic, each of our topics adds to the diversity of the class and the ideas which we brought forth. Today I celebrate this group of individuals and I take time to mention your particular blogs.
Here goes:

I dedicate this to all my classmates with the help of Kool and the Gang:

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